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Jinshan packaging has made unremitting efforts to create a world famous brand

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   Zhenjiang Runzhou Jinshan Packing Factory is located in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of about 100 mu, the total number of workers more than 200, annual capacity of 500,000pcs,. 2015 annual sales is 360,000pcs. Compared with 2015, sales of 2016 increased 40% , and it reached 360 million in 2017, a huge success that depends on seizing market share and participating in the free trade system.
   Our factory has introduced six large-scale blow molding machine production lines, with four frame production lines and a fully automatic frame installation line, frame production lines are developed by our research and development department, and applied for a number of patents. The whole production process has applied the science and technology of mechanization, automation and computer numerical control. The products have passed the strict quality test. According to the national standard, the products have passed the strict drop test, hydraulic test and vibration test. Jinshan Packaging Enterprise is the first enterprise to obtain the QS food production license of IBC in China. Export Food Packaging Record is the drafting unit of the national standard GB/T 19161-2016 of the tonnage barrel industry. All the products have obtained the certificate of type approval issued by China Classification Society (the largest number of IBC certificates in Jiangsu Classification Society). At present, it has become a number of multinational corporations, top 500 enterprises in the world and listed companies. Supplier, we take: honesty and trustworthiness as the purpose, win-win coexistence as the concept, adhere to the courage to innovate, quality service has always been one step ahead. The core of our factory's development is research and innovation, and strive to create brand image. We will try our best to improve our quality, technology, logistics management and other services to meet customer needs.





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